Take to the Sky

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One week ago, I resigned as music teacher from KCS. It was met with a wide range of emotions. Some I expected and some caught me completely off-guard. There was tension with all the questions I needed to answer, relief that I was following God’s path, and great sadness for the growing distance between carefully cultivated relationships. What I, completely, did not expect was the vast amount of love I received from colleagues and the kids. I had no idea.

These are the Notes and Letters from students and colleagues.

These are the Notes and Letters from students and colleagues.

So much time is put into schedules, planning and executing lessons, and duties that I was oblivious to the impact I left on so many lives. It makes leaving that much more difficult. These last two weeks I’ve had time to sort, process, and wrestle through the “stuff” in my life. If not for an incredible community of family and friends who pray, cheer us on, and fight for our well-being, I’m sure I would’ve decided to hide at home instead of going to Germany. Praise Jesus for community! It makes traveling with my two-year old son, alone, a bit easier.

So here’s what the next couple of days will look like for us:

  • Today: fly from Atlanta to Frankfurt, Germany
  • Thursday: fly from Frankfurt to Dresden, Germany
  • From Dresden: train to Lobau, Germany.
  • Lobau: YWAM staff will take us to Herrnhut, Germany.

Please pray for alertness as we maneuver through airports and train stations and for patience for both Leo and me.

PS- We were JUST surprised that Uncle D and Grammy will visit us in Germany! ALL SMILES! The first of many surprises to come.

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4 Comments on “Take to the Sky”

  1. I’m so glad to read this post this morning! I’ve thought/prayed for you two so often over these past few weeks. May this Easter week be one to remember as you celebrate the reality of the risen LORD!
    Love you!

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