• That Leo and I will continue to bond as mother and son with God as the center during this exciting adventure
  • I am obedient in this time of learning and growing. That whatever he asks me to do I will follow.
  • The lives of people we meet and form relationships that they are Christ-ordained.
  • Staff and Teachers that the Lord continues to reveal new parts of His Love, which they can demonstrate to the students.
  • Other Students that we have open-minds, hearts, and spirits for what the Lord has in store for each of us.DE2D
  • Someone rents my room to help Grammy with the dogs.
  • Someone stays the weekends to help with dogs.
  • Someone drops in to feed and play with the dogs.

(As you can tell, I love my dogs!)

Our estimated cost for this trip is approximately $8000 including the costs of application fees, short outreach fees, outreach fees, school fees, airplane tickets, train tickets, and our living expenses. Every little bit will help us on this journey. If you can support us with a one-time gift, or offer monthly support until our return, we would appreciate it so much!