We are Leo and Allison; a son and mother, respectively. Bold, Curious, and Compassionate would be the words to describe us. Here’s the beginning of our spirited adventure.


We are traveling via plane, train, and bus to Herrnhut, Germany. This town is home to the renowned “Hundred-Year-Long-Prayer-Meeting.” For more on the history visit this blog.


Creator, Lover, Protector, and, most of all, Father. He has been orchestrating this journey with Him from day one. The moment I heard His symphony I began pursuing his sweet melodies.

Our Journey

Friends, I hope this finds you well. Many of you know that I am responding to the pursuit God has had on my life. His love has captivated me and I want nothing more than to love and follow Him. God has revealed that the best way to love Him is to love people. Moreover, He has given an incredible opportunity to learn practical ways of demonstrating love.

Leo and I will be attending a Discipleship Training School through YWAM (Youth With A Mission) this spring in Herrnhut, Germany. The school we plan to attend, “Revive,” is committed to seeing the presence of God be the center of every student and staff’s life. Through worship, prayer, and intimacy with Jesus, Revive aims to raise up a generation devoted to see revival brought to Germany, Europe, and the Nations.

We will be leaving on March 16th and returning on August 29th. Leo will, also, attend classes with me and the staff will help with him, occasionally. Classes will last for 3-4 months and the remainder of time will be spent on outreach sharing the love of Christ in an unknown country.

We ask that you please pray for us not only while we are overseas, but in this time as we prepare to leave. There is still much that the Lord wants to show us in these months ahead. If you feel led to help or would like specific things to pray for, please check out the list below.

Looking back at the path that has led us on this journey the work of God has been tangible in many ways (healing, provision, growth, etc). He has provided perfect answers for all diversity that has risen up against this adventure. And, praise Jesus, Leo is potty trained (except night time— we plan to start using cloth diapers during the night)!!!!

Please know that we continue to pray that the Lord will express His love to you in ways that will leave you changed. We love you all deeply!