Ethiopia or Tennessee?

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This morning TEAM Ethiopia takes off on outreach. Well, half of the team is leaving. The other half is waiting in Herrnhut for the Lord to provide the finances for the trip. One of our leaders is staying back to travel with the other half, which includes my friend, Jaya, Leo and myself. We all need money to join our team in Ethiopia.

Hear me when I say this, Leo and I had the money for outreach. I’ve hesitated telling, openly for various reasons. I do, however, want to be honest and say that God compelled me to donate our money to other people who needed funds. I want to be even more honest and, attempt to, describe what’s been happening on a deeper level.

Me last week: I want to go home. This has been hard. I am tired. (No promises, but I will do my best to explain further at another time)

I did not give our money away, because I had given up. As it was, I planned to go on outreach regardless of how I felt. But when I gave our money away, God was saying I was justified in my desires. Whether I am in Tennessee or Ethiopia, He is with Leo and me and loves us. He is going to demonstrate His love through our family and send us to the nations with or without outreach. He was, also, saying “Let Me uncover the truth, My truth.”

Once the money was out of the way, I chose to trust God for our next step. Without certainty and security, I chose to focus in on Him. God honored that by giving peace that surpasses all understanding. Then, He reminded me, in one week, my true reasons for coming to Herrnhut and that Leo and I (while we don’t know what it looks like) can live out the great command and commission.

Right now, we are getting ready for an adventure. Ethiopia or Tennessee? I don’t know, yet. Regardless, we have peace.

If you would like to see us in Ethiopia, please follow the link below.

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2 Comments on “Ethiopia or Tennessee?”

  1. Allison, you and Leo are truly a blessing to so many. I have some friends who run a mission called Yebo Life in Capetown, South Africa. I would love to introduce you! They have a school there and are always looking for those who might be able to help. Would you be interested in meeting Tony and Julie online? Some friends from church and I are hoping to go on a mission trip there next year, but it could be God could use you there, although not with your current organization. Just a thought…

    Love and prayers!

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